Our history, what distinguesges us and what we are proud of. A corner of home, with a relaxed and refined atmosphere in the heart of Conegliano.

The restaurant “al Salisà” is located along the ancient city walls of the Carraresi, dating back to the 14th century, and the 1865 tower of Porta Dante, once known as Porta Rujo, with access from Salita Marconi.
A view of the ancient walls can be enjoyed from both inside and
outside of the restaurant, taking a seat in our large air-conditioned veranda, characterized by the buttresses that formed part of the city’s defensive walls.
As you walk along the street, you can admire the frescoes and stone decorations of the Renaissance palaces. The cathedral has always
represented the religious and artistic fulcrum of the city, and inside one can admire the only remaining painting of Cima in the city. Also of note are the adjoining Sala dei Battuti, with frescoes by Francesco da Milano and Pozzoserrato, and the Sala del Capitolo, embellished with Flemish tapestries.

Also along the Contrada Grande is Palazzo Sarcinelli, built in the first half of the 16th century and the current seat of the Art Gallery, which hosts important exhibitions of local and international arts every year. Nearby there is also “la Fontana dei Cavalli”, the fountain of horses, situated a few meters from the Porta Dante and inaugurated in 1838, on the occasion of Ferdinand I of Austria’s passage through Conegliano.